Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Silk Fringe

Those who were in Berne (Summer Event of the Company of Saynte George) might remember my silk-fringe of doom - aka the fringe for Montseigneur le Duc 's new standard..

Weaving on a hot summerday... Where are the sleeves?
Photo: A. Schläfli 2008

The fringe came along nicely, but I am displeased with it in several points:
a) I choose to set the tablets SZSZSZS. Doesn't look close enough to the fringes I've seen during the last few months (The one in Berne hung way to high, neither Francis nor I were able to spot a thing about the fringe)

b) as soon as I changed the direction, one bunch of fringes just poked out in a rather peculiar way:

Photo: A. Schläfli 2008

Photo: A. Schläfli 2008

Altough Francis considered it good enough, I am not satisfied. I gave it a try with some chemical dyed silk (no need to waste the expensive Indigo-dyed one), with the honeycombpattern usually resulting from doubleface weave.
It is better - looks closer to the fringe I've seen in the Capella Medicee in Florence, but I wonder, will it held the stress put on if fixed on a flag...

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